Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking | Campaign Memes
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Campaign Memes

Open Letter to Journalist, John Stossel: “No “Republican Guard” in GOP Platform Change Just a New Generation of Ticked-Off Victims of Porn

#pornhealthcrisisishurtsallgenerations: We had to write a letter to journalist, John Stossel, after hearing a panel on his radio show, that was providing no accurate information to the audience about why pornography was added to the RNC platform, and it was stated of anyone fighting to protect families and children, that “who would try to do anything about something so pervasive.” Be introduced to the “New Guard” Mr. Stossel. Spread our memes here, to promote the letter which is located in our Press Release section!

John Stossel Banner











Real War on Women

#realwaronwomen, #pornkills: Please spread our real war on women memes on social media, your websites, blogs, etc. and help us spread the word about the destruction of porn! Porn & trafficking are the real wars on women:

Department of Justice’s War on Women – Lack of Obscenity Law Enforcement/Prosecutions of Pornographers (photo bombing memes to use for your city – projection bomb onto your state AGs building if they refuse to enforce your state obscenity laws!)

#dojswaronwomen #enforceobscenitylaws #DOJprosecuteporn

Girls & Women are the Future


Porn’s Damage

#ladiesfightporn #porndestroyslove #pornfeedstrafficking

Confucius Says

#confuciuswisdomonporn  #confuciousagainstporn

Confucius Wisdom

BP (British Petroleum) No Porn Distribution Policy Partnership

Share the good news that BP gas stations do not carry or distribute illegal porn (contact us if you see any franchises that do, but they shouldn’t be!)

#buybpnoporn #nopornpolicybp

BP No Porn

No Porn Stance – Russell Brand Initiative

See our Media page regarding Russell Brand’s stance on porn, and our initiated letter to him, which was covered by USA Today (FB Cover included):

WRAP (White Ribbon Against Pornography Week)

WRAP starts the last Sunday in October. Wear a white ribbon in recognition.

She’s Somebody’s Daughter Partnership

We helped to finance the She’s Somebody’s Daughter billboard in front of the Hustler store in Nashville. A reminder to workers and people who enter their facility that they are contributing to the exploitation and distribution of obscene materials, not to mentioning contributing to the destruction of families – help spread the word by downloading this neat picture of it!

#blessyouflynt #shessomebodysdaughter

California Wiretapping of Traffickers

Passed in January of 2015! We assisted the CA State Assembly with helping form a posse to get this important bill passed, and rallied allies and support for the bill. Wiretapping of suspected traffickers is now legal in the state of CA.

London Protest of Radisson Hotels 

The Radisson hotel chain (owned by the Carlson Hotel Group), is still allowing XBiz, a pornography company, to be hosted in their hotels. We partnered with our friends at SaferMedia, London Feminist Network, Object, and the Pink Cross Foundation, and others groups and individuals, to support the ‘toxic awareness’ protest in London in 2014. Spread the word, and check out our Facebook page for a video of it – it was stellar and media coverage and a lot of traffic attention and street honks in support! Until Carlson agrees not to host porn companies or those that contribute to the exploitation of women – don’t stay at their hotels! Spread our meme here:

Radisson Protest


Men Against Porn 

The new team of Men Against Porn was established in 2016. With porn fighting resources, blog, addiction help, MAP Action for men to fight against porn and get obscenity laws enforced, and more. Spread the news about their website with these memes below. Men are standing up to porn now! Visit them at:! If you are interested in guest writing for MAP, send them an email on the Contact Us Page.


Rise of the Queens

We are partnering with Divas in Defense, to offer women a 50% discount on pepper spray (only $7.50) and Brutus the finger weapon for protection against any potential attackers/rapists. Recently, it was reported that “Return of the Kings” is organizing in 43 cities – make sure you have the equipment necessary to protect yourself against private rape groups that may be meeting now in your city. If you cannot afford the $7.50 to purchase, we are giving out it out free to the first 100 women located in Nashville only who would like one.