Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking | Hall of Shame
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Hall of Shame

The Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking, Hall of Shame was established in honor of John Walsh, and America’s Most Wanted, so that pornographers and those that support them, and those associated in any way with them, get their 15 Seconds of Shame!


In 2009, 65 senators voted to confirm an individual who was a previous lawyer for pornographers, as Deputy Attorney General of the Department of Justice (the 2nd in command at the DOJ). This included 52 Democrats, 10 Republicans, and 2 Independents. We say, Shame on Them!! They ought to be ashamed by voting in a former porn attorney, someone who has represented pornographers and also has stated that materials that would harm children and families, would put too much of a burden on pornographers in eliminating and putting controls on, and would infringe on First Amendment rights of pornographers (has he studied Miller v. California!?). He opposed even basic steps to ensure that the images consumed by pornography users are not of children, claiming that this would infringe on a pornographer’s “free speech.” This is the man that was second at the Department of Justice, and that the people below allowed in this role ladies! The Deputy Attorney General role is one which is supposed to uphold the law – this man helped get around the law. This HOS gallery exists to expose those who voted to confirm David Ogden, and voted against U.S. federal obscenity laws, in this case. It also exists so that ladies, you are aware as constituents of these senators, so that you will know who supports your families, and who does not when voting in the future. Several of these senators are no longer in office (thankfully!), while others are deceased.  This vote was against the majority constituency of the American people who contacted them, like non-other concerning laws against porn. Arlen Specter, stated that he had never received so many emails/calls against a nomination in his career, as he had with the David Ogden nomination – receiving over 11,000 emails/letters/calls to his office alone. We helped to lead this campaign organized email campaigns, and did media interviews to inform the public of this nomination, with several of our coalition partners. These politicians must know that since they chose to vote against their constituencies, the public now, will always know how they voted. Ladies, use this when voting time comes! We will ensure that this reckless vote for a former porn attorney will live in infamy. These people chose not to protect your families and do their homework to investigate the background of David Ogden, and its up to you now, to ensure that such anti-family/anti-women legislators are not re-elected again:


Official Roll Call Vote – David Ogden Confirmation:

Covered by & also fought by The Witherspoon Institute (affiliated with Princeton University):