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Radio Interviews
Battle for Hearts & Minds – Pippa Smith

Our friend, Co-Founder of Safermedia, in the United Kingdom, Pippa Smith, details the harms of pornography not only as seen in her country, but describes the battle that is raging in the hearts and minds of children all over the world. Safermedia, initiated the blocking...

Turning My Focus Elsewhere

I am so very thankful for friends and acquaintances who spoke into my life during the time of my grief when it completely consumed me and I was struggling to get by each day. A word of encouragement, invitations for coffee or a meal or...

Pain of Porn
The Pain That Goes With Me Everywhere

Recently a friend asked me about the pain I felt when I discovered my ex-husband's addiction and went through my divorce. I tried to explain the pain as best I could to her but it was hard to put some aspects of it into words....

Where do I turn for help?

Many women I have spoken with over the years have not known who to turn to for help and guidance when they found out their boyfriend or husband had an addiction to pornography. Other women sought trained therapists in the area of sexual addiction only...

You Are Not Alone

Finding out my husband had an addiction to porn, had cheated on me for at least 7 out of the 9 years we were married, and that he engaged in both online and offline affairs, not to mention a lot of other things on the...

Uncle Sam Rosie Campaign
Event: 2008 Department of Justice Protest/National Press Club

In 2008, a coalition of organizations, groups, and individuals, led by Morality in Media, organized a coalition protest of anti-porn, pro-family, and other concerned groups and leaders, who are tired of our federal obscenity laws not being enforced, and the lack of prosecutions that the...

Press Release Header Picture
Press Release: Alex Kozinski Removal from Obscenity Trial

Girls Against Porn Calls for Judge Alex Kozinski's Removal from Obscenity Trial and His Resignation   NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 13/ -- The chief judge of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Alex Kozinski, admitted to the Los Angeles Times, that his website contains sexually explicit material....

Press Release Header Picture
Press Release: The Public Wants Porn Filtered on Flights!

The Public Also Wants Porn Filtered on American Airlines Flights   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 17, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) - - Girls Against Porn is sending a letter, co-signed by organizations, to American Airlines, stating it is in the airline’s best interest to filter porn as...