Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking | Investigations: Gas Stations
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Investigations: Gas Stations

Unidentified #1

This unidentified gas station was carrying pornographic magazines, even when they knew it was against corporate policy to carry or distribute obscene materials and in violation of the state’s obscenity laws. In the midst of our investigation at this station, the station attendant’s young daughter came in through a door right near the magazines to visit him! Yet you can see how much he cared for his own daughter’s exposure in this video. We appreciate the partnership we have with the corporate office of this station – and these magazines were removed immediately upon notification so we thank them! We take leads of any gas stations selling porn – these magazines are being distributed in the midst of existing state obscenity laws, which prevents distribution and makes this prosecutable. Ladies if you see pornographic magazines in your community’s gas station – take footage or pictures, and send it to us! If its footage we can use please contact us as the video states at media (at) Subject Header: GS Investigations.

Corporate Partnerships

We will be adding more partnerships with fuel and gas companies as we can. Our corporate porn removal partnerships currently include: BP (British Petroleum) – they remove porn from any franchisee stations so please support them. We hope to update you on more companies soon that can be added. When we list companies that are selling porn and refuse to remove it ladies, please remember not to buy gas or any products from that company – they are exposing your kids and families to porn!