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The library profession is the only profession in the world that wants children to have access to pornography, they’ve even sued to fight for it!

Why?  Because everyone is afraid of being called a censor, even though   the distribution of porn is illegal and prosecutable under U.S. Obscenity  laws.  The Supreme Court even ruled against libraries not filtering computers  – in a lawsuit against the American Library Association, which they lost (’n):

The library profession touts itself as the champion of “intellectual freedom.”  Parents and children go there to rent books, and use computers, yet libraries and the non-associated non-profit membership organization, the ALA (American Library Association), have taken it upon themselves to tout a non-filtering/non-blocking policy of any type of obscene materials, child porn, and illegal pornography. Children are being exposed to men watching porn on library computers – numerous stories and testimonies have been appearing at a rapid pace (links below). In addition, men will expose themselves in libraries more recently we’ve seen – who have probably been watching porn. We will post tools, social media memes, flyers, videos, and petitions of parents and kids who have been affected by the ALA, so that you can act NOW to help get libraries to change their current status quo. The Supreme Court has even ruled AGAINST this! Libraries are defying the Supreme Court ruling. There are too many stories of children being affected by exposure to porn in libraries. Parents, don’t take this anymore! Go, fight, win for your kids!

The ALA even sued to overturn the Children Online Protection Act (legislation which requires libraries to block harmful content to minors on computers if receiving federal funding)! The American Library Association (ALA) is the 65,000 member organization of your librarians, and they sue to fight legislation that would protect kids…Individual libraries could cease membership with the ALA, but won’t until there is more pressure on them to do so – which you can help with. This is truly appalling.

In January of 2015, the ALA, at their Winter Meeting in Chicago, IL, plans to give an award to the Orland Park library, to commend them for their stance in not blocking porn and in not keeping children safe, even though massive public awareness campaigns and petitioning by residents and activists has been avidly in opposition against the management of the library because of this position:

More research and articles on what the ALA, and libraries are refusing to do and the latest on the issue can be found at the Safe Libraries Blog here:

Testimonies of Library Patron Exposure

“A letter to the editor in today’s Denver Post (9/21/07)

Porn on library PCs

Last Friday, my wife was in the periodicals section of the Denver Central Library. She was looking for a computer to do some school work on, but they were all in use. As she walked around, she noticed three different men surfing pornography sites. She was a little put off, being that she really needed to use a computer, so she complained to the librarian. The response she received was that the library is a public space and they won’t do anything about it because of freedom of speech (even though this has nothing to do with speech).

Now, I believe people have the right and freedom to view pornography. On the other hand, I am not so sure viewing pornography should be done at the public library. If my wife could see what these men were looking at, then what stops a child from seeing the same thing? So, I wonder, how far does our public library take this stance? Do we not have laws against public indecency? Where do we draw the line?”

Child Exposure at Libraries (continually updating):



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