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Mission Statement:

Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking (GAPHT) is an action coalition of women affected by porn, fighting the illegal Cancer of the Soul that’s destroyed lives.

Vision Statement:

GAPHT’s purpose is to protect women and children from the detrimental effects of porn, and work to prevent the sexual exploitation of women.


Founded, by Tiffany Leeper, in 2005, Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking is an action coalition of women, with volunteers worldwide, who fight against the exploitation of women, and who petition U.S. legislators to get the United State federal obscenity code, making pornography distribution illegal and prosecutable, prosecuted once again, as the Department of Justice dismantled the Obscenity Section (adult hard-core obscenity section) during the Obama Administration. U.S. Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 71, sections 1460-1470, make it illegal to distribute any obscene material, through any distribution channel and is still the law that was once enforced, where pornographers were once prosecuted under these laws, more recently (although few and far between), during the Bush Administration (last initiated prosecution of a pornographer occurred then).

Tiffany started GAPHT as a resource website, for other women, who were experiencing the loss of a relationship due to a porn addiction, or who were dealing with a loved one’s porn addiction. In an effort to provide them resources, when she didn’t have any, so that they would be able to save their relationship if possible. Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking quickly turned into a global action coalition of women, who had gone through the same loss as she did and wanted a way to be involved in fighting porn, and getting the laws enforced once again, and to be involved in campaigns that protect women and children. This included moms, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends, and even husbands who had a spouse with an addiction.

Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking has had successful campaigns, including the filtering of in-flight Internet services  (aka: American Airlines filtering initiative), covered in news outlets, including Wired Magazine, the halting of Judge Alex Kozinski’s (a judge who was caught with porn) trial of a pornographer due to pressure to remove himself from the case, co-initiating the halting of NBC’s The Playboy Club TV show (glorifying the Playboy Club and the founder of Playboy), grassroots assistance of Jordanian citizens in the blocking of porn sites in Jordan, the halting of a porn club on a University of Texas campus, the limiting of funding for public university Sex Weeks (University of Tennessee), and collaboration in mobilization support for stiffer anti-trafficking legislation, among other initiatives Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking initiated the blocking of the appointment of David Ogden, the second in line at the Department of Justice, due to his previous work with the porn industry. Senator Alan Spector stated, that his appointment received the most emails/calls ever encountered by his office, regarding opposition to an appointment, with over 11,000 people involved.  Tiffany, and co-blogger, Carolyn, have a blog entitled, “All That You Can’t Leave Behind,” which aims to help women who have lost a relationship due to a porn addiction, or for women who have a loved one with an addiction in their life. Tiffany has been an invited guest on many radio outlets, and speaks at anti-porn/anti-trafficking conferences and universities internationally. Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking’s initiatives have been featured in Wired Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Christian Post, The Laura Ingraham Show, Glenn Beck Show, Campus Reform, OneNewsNow, American Family Radio, WND, LA Weekly, Charisma, Bott Radio Network, WSMV NBC Channel 4, USA Today, and other media outlets. Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking was restructured in 2012, to include a new focus of the ties between pornography creating the demand for trafficking.

Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking looks forward to seeing the abolishment of slavery worldwide, and to see a world where the exploitation of women is non-existent. We are here for the women around the world, who have or who are experiencing the pain of porn.

Our Team:

Joan – Vice President, and Campaign Manager, is a retired professor and nurse. She is active in political campaigning, networking, and passionate about helping women who are enslaved and who have been affected by the detriments of porn and trafficking.

Carolyn – Co-blogger of the GAPHT blog, All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Carolyn personally lost a marriage to a pornography addiction and is passionate about providing resources to the spouses and girlfriends of those addicted to pornography.

Lauren's PictureLauren Taylor – Campaign Manager & Blogger, a native of Nashville, and a hairstylist, is passionate about helping women break free of their addictions. She also leads various mobilization campaigns, and our social media presence.



Do you have experience in writing or blogging, and are passionate about anti-porn/trafficking efforts? We are always interested in having Guest Bloggers who have a platform and are passionate about fighting porn – send us your writing sample to: media (at), and we will be in touch.