Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking | Press Release: Open Letter to Journalist, John Stossel
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Press Release: Open Letter to Journalist, John Stossel


04 Sep Press Release: Open Letter to Journalist, John Stossel

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Open Letter to Journalist, John Stossel

 No “Republican Guard” in GOP Platform Change Just A New Generation of Ticked-Off Victims of Porn


Dear Mr. Stossel,

I was pleased to hear your show come on the FOX Business Channel on the radio when driving down PCH near Malibu recently. You proceeded to bring up the topic you would cover, that pornography was now a part of the GOP platform at the RNC. I patiently drove as slow as I could so as to not miss the segment with any stops even with places to go, and listened on. Your guests proceeded to try to figure out the reasons why it was added to the platform – which was quite comical for someone listening who is in the field. One of your guests, whose name I did not catch, since joining well into your show, contemplated for a second and stated that it must be “lobbyists,” another stated this must just be “the old Republican Guard” who got it added to the platform – and “that’s the only way it would have made it in,” along with a few brief comments about how “porn was everywhere now, who is going to do anything about that, and who would try to do anything about something so pervasive!”

If I may take a few minutes of your time, I can answer all of that for you, accurately. Mr. Stossel you apparently haven’t been introduced to the “new guard” that fights porn that helped to make this happen or the new breed of porn-fighters. What a shame! Let’s be clear on this one item: this is not an initiative by “the old Republican guard” or any guard for that matter, there is no longer “an old Republican Guard” fighting porn – you could say that with validity through the 1980’s-1990’s, I give you that, but its not the case any longer. If you’d like to give us all a name who battle this fight daily– a majority are actually in our 20’s, 30’s, and some in our 40’s & 50’s, and some older who aren’t as active but who were formally – we lead non-profits or groups and help victims, we speak worldwide against porn at conferences, we protest outside of government buildings that aren’t enforcing obscenity laws, we help many stay out of porn or from being trafficked through empowerment trainings, because guess what Mr. Stossel? Many of our lives were forever changed by porn.

Many now have recognized it actually as a public health crisis, as the state of Utah officially acknowledged this year by passing their public health crisis resolution. You will now see more states declare it a health crisis. Without a doubt, empirically as I do due diligence before making assumptions, it is a crisis, and that is not stated lightly. I lost a relationship to porn in which the person completely changed, one of our supporters is close to divorce proceedings because of her husband’s addiction and they have small children (many, many more stories exist). I know people in the fight who had a friend commit suicide leaving five children behind because he was so distraught over his addiction, and the stories go on and on – the plethora of information is public, published, in academic journals, discussed at conferences by professionals with outstanding credentials and degrees. We all are highly educated, and experts in areas. There are women that have been killed by their partners trying to practice porn movie scenes on them. Truck drivers watching porn have killed innocent people on the roads slamming into them while watching “Debbie and Dallas” banging. It chemically changes the brain and is harder to break than drug or alcohol addictions – this factual statement was most recently published by researchers at Cambridge University. Mr. Stossel, if journalists did their research properly they would have discovered this. More people, more states, and many more in general will begin to see that porn truly is a public health crisis. The leaders of anti-porn/pro-woman groups have families, they are in their 20’s/30’s/40’s predominately from every facet of the aisle; so Mr. Stossel – do you still want to assign a label to anyone against porn as the “Old Republican Guard?”

On top of that, they are getting even younger people involved in the fight – we all are, because we are trying to save the next generation, and the one that is to follow. Their future family lives (if they even get to have one) are at stake – many don’t because their relationships are stripped due to porn-they give up that they will ever find a spouse who isn’t addicted. I think its time to do some true investigative journalism into why the GOP included porn as a public health crisis into their platform, into the reason for public health crisis resolutions, because I would’ve rather spent time on the beach to be frank, or provided you with the real information you were asking your panel. Your listeners came away with even more inaccurate information, after listening to your guests who obviously don’t know anything about the fight.

We hope your eyes will be opened as to whom is behind this battle, these campaigns, and why people like us choose to spend our lives doing this. No one says when a child, “I want to be a porn-fighter when I grow up.” It’s the cards they are dealt and their hearts are caring ones, that want to help. They include leaders from the far left, from the middle, and from the far right, from the Democrats/Republicans/Conservatives/Unionists to the Labour parties. What culture/country do you want? I assure you they are represented. We just formed an international coalition to aid Indian activists in getting the Indian government to block some of the most visited porn sites. People hate porn in all countries. If we want to put labels on them, they include married leaders, single leaders, homosexuals, avid feminists, conservative Christians, Mormons, and agnostics. You name the label; it’s represented against porn. They may not agree on any other topic, but they all certainly hate porn and can agree on its detriments. That’s pretty powerful that such a motley crew of individuals could agree so wholeheartedly in one area, and work so avidly in unison and mutual respect against it. I can tell you that many of those that are behind it lost relationships of great value to them – irreplaceable ones, and will forever be warriors against the cancer of the soul.

A new generation that hates porn probably even more than the last generation did, or more than the “Old Republican Guard” appeared to, and will do whatever it takes to get obscenity laws enforced again by the Department of Justice, who has not prosecuted a large scale pornographer in over eight years now quietly dismantling the Obscenity Prosecution Section (adult hardcore), even though we have federal obscenity laws that MUST be enforced again (18 U.S. Code Chapter 71, sec 1460-1470).

We continue to counsel women on a consistent basis so that they have resources before their marriages are shattered by porn – Mr. Stossel I spent many years of my life from 5pm – midnight every night counseling women through a porn loss or porn-related addiction crisis, so understandably while driving down PCH that was relatively a good day having come from the water, then hearing your comments and show which relayed assumptions and ignorance – it relayed no valuable knowledge or insight to your listeners unfortunately on the reasoning behind the platform addition which floored me, when it could have given listeners the greatest opportunity to know the really interesting details as to “Why.”

I used to watch you every Friday night as a young person, when you were on 20/20 because you reported such great stories, with a great professional enthusiasm for your craft, Mr. Stossel. As a former Yearbook Editor, high school and college newspaper writer, part-time journalist, and corporate investigator, and non-profit strategist, two words resounded with me listening to your segment: due diligence – if you want to know something behind something so impactful – dig up the information next time and get the stakeholders that are involved in on your discussion, don’t just assume based on what something appears to be and you’ll see that there is no “Republican Guard,” but just call us, the new generation of porn fighters, the “New Guard” if you want to put an old label on something different – who make “trivial” things happen. Who continue to make things happen that protect families, even if the general public will never truly know the details or the people working on their behalf all the time.

Porn’s demand and addictions are causing trafficking – there are many cases where porn addicts are caught trafficking or contributing to the demand of it, and are even former industry workers who were trafficked – so many deaths come from one industry. To prove that we are the new generation of porn fighters, why don’t we use a hashtag for that on Twitter – our generation’s way of communicating this important message #pornhealthcrisishurtsallgenerations.

We hope that clears up the “confusion.” Next time, please consider having someone on your show, for instance all of the people responsible for educating legislators or those behind the resolutions, or the awareness campaigns – we’d be happy to inform your audience giving them valuable information, involving people that actually can give you the real scoop if you would like to report the accurate information.





Tiffany Leeper, M.A., on behalf of

The Women at Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking


About Us:

GAPHT initiated in-flight airline filtering now implemented on most major airlines, formed the coalition for the take down of NBC’s The Playboy Club, porn club halting on campuses, funding pulled/mobilization against University of Tennessee’s exploitative/harassing Sex Week, partnership with petroleum company British Petroleum, in getting porn removed from gas stations and investigations, and initiated the mobilization against David Ogden at the DOJ, along with several other successful women’s and child protection initiatives. Tiffany Leeper, M.A., has been named one of the Top 8 Speaker Outers Against Porn, and is the niece of Robert Stranahan, Jr., one of America’s Greatest Business Leaders of the 21st Century, a philanthropist supporting social issues, and former President of Champion Spark Plugs, the world’s largest manufacturer of spark plugs.

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