Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking | FBI Alerted – Distribution of Pornographic Materials at UT “Sex Week”
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13 Jan FBI Alerted – Distribution of Pornographic Materials at UT “Sex Week”




FBI Alerted To ‘Planned Illegal Distribution of Pornographic Material to Minors on Campus’
“The F.B.I. field office has been notified of planned illegal distribution of pornographic material to minors on campus,” states a news release by the coalition, which has launched a petition to halt “Sex Week” sessions.“The University is potentially violating Tennessee law by not reviewing the content of ‘Sex Week’ in depth and materials brought by those invited,” said Tiffany Leeper, founder of Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking, in a statement. “The University is also violating the Department of Education’s Civil Rights Letter of Finding requiring policies that prohibit sexual harassment-related activities that create a hostile and sexually charged environment for females on campus.”

The weeklong observance is slated to include events such as a drag show, stripper-inspired dance class, “understanding sexual identity” art show, aphrodisiac cooking class, and a sex trivia night called “Suck It, Trebek,” according to the online schedule.

UT’s Sex Week will also include numerous workshops with titles such as: “Get Wet: Exploring the Connections Between Sexual Pleasure, Health, & Advocacy”; “Sexploration: Boys, Girls, I Can’t Help It”; and “We Can’t Stop: Orgasms & Masturbation.”

The coalition also notes that “a female porn producer will be presenting, along with the session ‘Ars Erotica: Pornography Then & Now,’ featuring ‘erotic images’ from the world, comparing them with modern forms of pornography.”

Among the groups lobbying to stop Sex Week are the anti-trafficking, safe media, and public policy groups Girls Against Porn & Human TraffickingConcerned Women for America, Beverly LaHaye Institute, Enough is EnoughMovieguideTrafficking in America Task Force, and Pink Cross Foundation.

A coalition of conservative groups has banded together to stop pornography-related activities at the University of Tennessee’s upcoming “Sex Week,” saying they could be illegal because they may unlawfully expose minors to inappropriate material.

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