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Lauren’s Corner: Relapse Thoughts

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27 Nov Lauren’s Corner: Relapse Thoughts

What Happens When You Relapse? 

by Lauren Taylor

The guilt and the shame can be overwhelming. All that you fought so hard to overcome can cripple you in seconds. Why even try again if you’ve already failed? Because your life is worth fighting for!
I recently relapsed a month or so ago and it was honestly harder to overcome the shame this time then it was when I originally got clean two years ago. But it is possible! I know the gut wrenching pit you feel when you get up the day after. Feeling like your in a dream and you can’t tell anyone so you can’t wake up. The guilt presses on your chest making it hard to breathe. It is a choice and you have to choose to not stay where you are but to turn the guilt and the shame into a fire under your butt that reminds you every time you feel weak that it’s not worth feeling like this ever again. Never make the mistake of thinking you have rid yourself of this. Just like cancer you can relapse in a moment no matter how long you’ve been in remission.
Always stay on guard, don’t ever think you’ve been clean long enough to not be tempted. Take pride in being clean but don’t let it be an arrogance that makes you susceptible to temptation. This is a war you will fight until the day you die. It’s okay to lose as long as you keep fighting.









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