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Will You Die for Love…

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17 Oct Will You Die for Love…

I recently found out shocking news that a friend and former co-worker of mine, had passed away suddenly. A man who was thought to be having an affair with his wife killed him, after my friend went to confront the man about the affair. The two men were long time friends it was reported. Betrayal at its darkest. Instead of being noble, apologizing, or caring about the fact that he was attempting to break up a family, with 2 little girls, this man killed my friend in cold blood.


Everyone loved Will. He was a favorite among co-workers. We actually both started our positions at one of the largest major companies in the world at around the same time. I was one of the two people who conducted all of their data mining for the company Audits, and Will was an Auditor. Will had the best sense of humor – always having a smile on his face, always making other people laugh, and being at the center of some department joke or funny activity that everyone would get involved with – Will’s humor and his efforts to get others involved were well-known and appreciated in an extremely stressful environment. He was infectious in an amazingly good, and rare way. Will is the last person anyone would think would be shot and killed – it would have been a shock to hear that he had even 1 enemy.   Definitely nothing like me, where every porn company and pornographer is our enemy, along with those that aid and abed them, and who don’t enforce our laws that should be protecting your families.


I thought about Will – the extent that he went to, in trying to find the right person whom he believed had good character traits, his precious little girls who were just toddlers when he was killed, who would never have the amazing benefit of knowing their father or even in remembering him probably. He waited for many years before marrying in search of a non-superficial woman and finally took the plunge when he thought he had found this finally that took him across the world. They had two little girls, with his oldest looking just like him – the similarity is incredible! I thought about the extent Will went to in finding someone whom he thought would be a good wife and partner, and when it came to the final showdown – I couldn’t but help reflect and be in awe of Will’s bravery in trying to keep his marriage and his family together. In a world, where 70% of the male population avidly watches porn, where over 50% of divorces are attributed to porn addictions, multiple marriages with the continuing addiction, and the list goes on – its so important that if you are a woman – you search for a man of true, solid character ladies. I cannot emphasis this enough! I heard one of the best radio shows ever a few weeks ago when traveling, where a pastor was speaking on what men really think, do, the ways of deception that some men practice in pulling women in specifically or in leading them on; in his discussion, “Before We Say: I Do.” A true tell it like it is male truth revelation that ALL women should hear. There are men who will tell you everything you want to hear, they may have the greatest looking resume, appearance, and their life ‘appears’ to be in order on the outside, but what happens is further down the road you get with them once you are married or perhaps sooner, the deception unleashes – they have multiple women on the side, porn could be a regular practice which changes them in which you start to see such related traits, all while putting up a persona of being perfection at its greatest, a façade, on the outside.


A recent book I was made aware of, which should be a staple for every woman on their reading list and I highly recommend ladies, is a book called, “Safe People,” by Cloud & Townsend. As women, we don’t always go to the extent we should in doing our full due diligence upfront, and then find out after marriage, so many things, that if we had done the proper due diligence on the front end, women wouldn’t be stuck in such messes on the back end – after all of the demons are unleashed and the lack of character traits comes out later once they ‘have you’! This pastor avidly advised women of this – you must do the most extensive due diligence you can on a man before even getting into a relationship with him on the front end – even though this was a pastor’s message from a faith perspective, it wasn’t just for women of faith– to prevent a marriage on the backend that you never should have been in in the first place, because it was based on deception, lies, and on someone putting on a good front never showing the real them on the front end. Think to yourself – is this a man of character who would always have my back 100% of the time? In a world where over 70% of men are addicted to porn* (most times secretly), and who jeopardize their marriages, relationships on a daily basis, 62.5% admitting to sleeping with more than 2 women a month, who get their personal fill of porn at the expense of a loved one or spouse’s detriment including perhaps acting out, I thought about Will and his type of character. It is rare– he was willing to die to keep his family in tact and in place.


You may feel that this message is paranoia or is overly cautious, but in fact, it’s actually the reality ladies. We hear the (your) stories, get the emails and calls for help, for years, and it continues to get worse, so you may feel its overly cautious, and don’t heed this information, but if that’s the case, we hope that you aren’t one of the many that we end up hearing from if it does become your reality down the road, because you ended up with someone without true character who deceived you. When many men easily choose porn over love, Will, chose to die for love – he put love above all else. My hope ladies, is that if you are in the dating world – search for a Will, whose actions show character instead. Do your due diligence – conduct background checks, interviews with family members/friends, hire a private investigator to check into the person, their background, and their activities, if you have to also, to make sure you find a man (if you are searching for or want a relationship) with character that you deserve, and not the fake porn addicted on the front end (as our wisdom-filled pastor/expert labeled it!) ‘picture perfect’ nightmare that could cause you so much pain, destruction, and turmoil later down the road. Will you look for one that deserves you enough; one that would die for love?


In memory of Will – I look forward to seeing you again someday friend. Your commitment to character and memory will always live on in the hearts of your friends who were many.





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