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I Knew You Were Trouble…

James Dean

06 Apr I Knew You Were Trouble…

Have you ever had that feeling deep down in your soul ladies, about a relationship before it started, knowing that something was off about it, and that it was probably going to end up bad, and be trouble, trouble – but because he smiled, was charming, bought you roses, laid it on thick in the beginning, was exactly what you wanted, you just had to give it a chance right?

There was a late night male radio show on recently, when I was driving late at night in the car, and the radio show host took calls and gave advice for situations, where mainly women called in. Half way during the show, after finishing up a call the friendly male host sternly gave a message suddenly with an exasperated tone, and the message was this: “Ladies, of the thousands of calls I get every year, I have to say about 25,000 of them, relate to relationships; and not just relationships, but calls from good women who make poor decisions concerning bad men.” Wow…..

This reminded me of Taylor Swift’s song, especially the lyrics, in “I Knew You Were Trouble.” The second you saw them; you knew it would happen perhaps right? But that didn’t stop you from pursuing it, even though your gut was warning you not to…

How many of us can relate to the lyrics: “How could the Devil be pulling me towards someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you? Maybe he knew that when he smiled at me. The worst part wasn’t in loosing him, it was loosing me.” Knowing in your heart what was good, what was right, knowing how you should properly be treated, yet ignoring all that, perhaps because of his pull, his draw, his edge…

Ladies, this seems to be a weak point for many of us as females, not all, but many of us. If his world moves too fast and his world burns too bright – we have to pay attention to that and take it seriously. Trusting your gut – the cheapest destruction prevention you can have!

We knew they were trouble from the beginning, yet they took you to places you had never been, a new level of connectedness, but in the end you knew it wasn’t healthy, so shame on us…after we fully realize, we may never feel that way, or so we feel at that time, but as the male radio show host was desperate to warn us: make the good decisions and wait for the good ones – they might not have the edge, but they will put you first and love you unconditionally (and not have symptoms or side effects of using porn for certain!) – that is what you deserve, and remember that – you deserve the best, not the imitation.

A friend told me once what a counselor once told her, “be proud that you recognized it earlier than you normally would have, and pat yourself on the back that you squelched it when you started to see the signs of unhealthy treatment.” Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves, stating we should’ve known, but with time, with lessons learned, we do get smarter, we do obtain increased discernment, so be thankful for that, instead of being so hard on yourself, but do learn those lessons once when they cross your path.

Give up the trouble, the ones with the edge ladies, and give the nice guys, and the non-porn addicts the chances…That’s perfection, and one less call for the late night radio hosts maybe right?!

I love Taylor’s last lyrics: “You don’t know who you are until, you loose who you are.” I hope that you don’t let the joke be on you and pursue the non-porn addicts, but more importantly, the genuine nice guys who your gut tells you are okay – they may not have that “edge” that he did, but they would have your best interest at heart, and not use you for their personal agenda or just to satisfy physical or emotional needs. That’s perfection – someone who has your 6 unconditionally, and who is worth waiting for….

xoxo, you are always in our thoughts dear ladies,



*I Knew You Were Trouble lyrics – Big Machine Records

*Photo acknowledgment: by Le – “On a coffee table: GQ Style, Autumn/Winter 2012, VI

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