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One Day at a Time….


01 Feb One Day at a Time….

by Lauren Taylor, Blogger & Campaign Leader

Some people think stopping an addiction is a one time thing. You just simply quit the activity that you want to stop and that’s that. But what happens a month later when you have that urge again? Or a year or even two years later? Temptation is something that the devil has been using since the very beginning of time and still uses daily.

When I first stopped watching porn I was tempted to watch it every day. I craved it. But the more time that passed the urges became less and less. But still today January 28th, TWO YEARS later I am still tempted on a regular basis. It is something that I have to get up daily and deal with and renew my mind and remember how far I have come.  When you face these temptations do not fall into the trap. There is nothing that you cannot overcome with the help of the Lord. What I have learned that helps me the most is to distract myself with something else.

Ladies, Pinterest is a very good way to do this I’ve found. Instead of surfing channels or sites look up DIY crafts for your house! Remove yourself from situations that are dangerous for your mind. Don’t forget how far you’ve come! I’m so incredibly proud of myself and thankful for making it two years today without porn! You can get here too!

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