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Sharing Their Stories


04 May Sharing Their Stories

Each morning I try to start my day with a set aside quiet time. First, I get a big cup of coffee (a must for me to wake up), then I sit in one of my favorite, most comfortable spots in my home and I read, pray, meditate and allow myself a peaceful time of transition into the busy day ahead. Of course, I have my usual books that I read from each day and on occasion I will add another book and read a few pages at a time until it is finished.

Recently, I found the S-ANON Twelve Steps book I used in a group therapy class I attended several years ago. Each step has stories written by S-ANON twelve step attendees who share their experience, strength and hope about their journey. As I read through the stories on each step, memories are returning that remind me how similar my story is to that of many other women. I can relate to each story in some way and it once again reminds me that I am not alone in this journey. I feel like the person writing has peeked into my world and is sharing so much of my truth. No longer am I bound by having to explain what I felt and went through to try and get someone to understand. These women already know and I can easily relate and relax in knowing that someone else gets it and the “it” is the journey, the process, the heart break, the loss and the redemption of recovery. There is hope in knowing that others can relate to me and I can relate to them even if we never utter one word to each other face to face. Written testimonies convey experiences for many to discover for years to come and help others find their own truth.

My day always seems to go better if I take the time to do this simple act for myself instead of rushing into my day the moment I open my eyes. ¬†For me, there’s no better way to start my day than with quiet time so I can prepare for what lies ahead of me (both known and unknown).

If you are interested in the S-ANON Twelve Steps literature, please go to S-ANON.

Be blessed in your journey,


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