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Turning My Focus Elsewhere


20 Feb Turning My Focus Elsewhere

I am so very thankful for friends and acquaintances who spoke into my life during the time of my grief when it completely consumed me and I was struggling to get by each day. A word of encouragement, invitations for coffee or a meal or just some suggestions on how they had dealt with grief helped push me along in my journey. One of my friends suggested that I join her in helping an organization that assisted the homeless here in Nashville. She said she thought it might help me take my mind off of my situation for a while and offer assistance to others who were in need so I joined her at the next event. I attended the event even though I still felt so much pain and did not really want to go and I started to come out of my stupor of believing I was the only hurting person on the planet. I walked away from that event realizing that I felt encouraged by these men and women. Despite their circumstances so many of them were grateful for the simple things in life. A hot meal, a chance to clean up and put on clean, warm clothes and to sit somewhere warm where they could feel safe. It made me feel good to see them smile and I started to smile myself as I sat and talked with many of them and got to know a little bit about each of their stories.

The realization that I got up that morning and had everything I needed within reach to get my day started made me feel blessed because not everyone had the luxury of the things that I had in my life. My perspective about my horrible situation and my life struggles started to feel smaller compared to others pain and struggles. My focus had been taken off of me and my pain and placed on others and their needs for a while. I started to become more grateful for the simple things in my life. During my pain, I found a way to be grateful for my blessings. A little perspective took me a long way and helped me view my situation through a different lens.

I am thankful that Stacy made that suggestion so many years ago and for the perspective that helped change my life. A focus shift did wonders for my soul!

If you have a passion for people or animals or a certain organization then now might be the best time to get involved and start getting back out there and living life alongside others again. If you have children, then why not find something that all of you can do together as a family? I encourage you to get out there and discover ways to shift your focus in a healthy way. If any of you have discovered a “focus shift” that helped you get through your grief, please feel free to comment and share your example(s).

Be blessed in your journey!


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