Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking | Press Release: Alex Kozinski Removal from Obscenity Trial
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Press Release: Alex Kozinski Removal from Obscenity Trial

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04 Jan Press Release: Alex Kozinski Removal from Obscenity Trial

Girls Against Porn Calls for Judge Alex Kozinski’s Removal from Obscenity Trial and His Resignation


NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 13/ — The chief judge of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Alex Kozinski, admitted to the Los Angeles Times, that his website contains sexually explicit material. He informed The Times that he began saving sexually explicit materials years ago. He has defended the material as “funny.” He is also presiding over an obscenity trial, involving a pornographer who produces sexual fetish videos, featuring bestiality & defecation. On Wednesday, the prosecutor in this case, requested a delay to look into the potential conflict of interest concerning the judge having sexually explicit materials on his website, which is similar to the material in the case the judge is presiding over.  Years ago, he led an effort to remove filters that deny access to pornography from appeals court computers.  One might ask the question why; to make a statement or to ensure that porn is viewed?

Among the images are: female masturbation, public sex, a transsexual strip tease, photos of women’s private areas, naked women painted and posed as cows, a half-dressed man with a sexually-aroused farm animal, and fellatio. If the material was ever sent over the Internet, this could be a federal felony.  “People send me stuff like this all the time,” Kozinski stated.

This is representation of what we are seeing in a pornified culture; harmful materials that have been wrapped into the lives of some of the nation’s highest levels of judicial and governmental authority. What a sad day, when a judge who is given such authority and responsibility, defiles that position, and disrespects the integrity and morality of it. With great position, comes great responsibility. What message is being sent to the next generation? He is supposed to be a legal role model, and knowledgeable of obscenity law. This is a clear conflict of interest. When private behaviors, addictions, or fetishes infringe upon the person’s duty of that position to be neutral in cases, and free from conflict of interest, the work and private life are in direct conflict.

Pornography is far from “funny.” If the judge and others who seem to find themselves in similar situations were knowledgeable about the lives that porn has destroyed, and continues to destroy every day, we doubt he would find the material “funny.” The children who have been sexually abused, because of someone’s porn addiction, who live with that pain forever, don’t think it’s funny. Many lives that have been shattered because of pornography can be read on our blog at: Marriages are destroyed, the connection to child abuse, human trafficking, and even husbands who have committed suicide over their porn addictions, are true representations of the pain of porn. If judicial leaders have addictions, it is in their best interest to get help.

This should be of great concern to all women, and how degrading to the gender.  As a female, what if this judge was presiding over your case?  Our question to Judge Kozinski is simply this. Why not be a part of the solution to the pornography problem? Spend your time helping those who have been affected, rather than being part of the problem. Congress should begin impeachment proceedings, if the judge does not resign.  GAP is issuing a call to action to all concerned women, and for every citizen who is concerned.  Let the Department of Justice know your concerns. Make your voice heard in this important matter and in the future of the judicial system.


Girls Against Porn is an on-line resource and action coalition for women who have a loved one involved in porn, and  for anyone who wishes to get involved in the fight against porn and enforcement of obscenity laws.

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