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Filtering of pornography on airline wi-fi (American Airlines Initiative)

Halting of Judge Alex Kozinski’s presiding over the Ira Isaacs obscenity trial

Co-launching the successful take-down of NBC’s The Playboy Club TV show

Grassroots mobilization of Jordanian citizens in the blocking of porn sites in Jordan

Take down of proposed porn club on University of Texas Austin campus

Public funding pulled of the University of Tennessee’s vulgar, obscene and harassing "Sex Week"

Fighting The Illegal Cancer of The Soul

We are an action coalition of women affected by porn, fighting the illegal Cancer of the Soul that’s destroyed countless lives.

Our purpose is to protect women and children from the detrimental effects of porn, and work to prevent the sexual exploitation of women.

Fighting for Women

Fighting for Women

We arm women with vital tools and resources to help them and their partners against pornography.

Fighting for Marriages

Fighting for Marriages

We provide support and information for struggling women in marriages affected by pornography.

Fighting for Children

Fighting for Children

We help parents teach their kids about the side effects of pornography in the household.

Mobilizing for War

Let's Take Action

Hit The Streets

Spread Our Memes

Support GAPHT

Help Us Take Down Porn
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